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Nanny Labels Pass Their Use By Dates

Rise in listeria food poisoning as elderly take ‘use by’ date gamble - Times Online
Research from the agency suggests that a dismissive approach to “use by” labels on food and a reluctance to throw away food may be the reason for the incidence of the bug.
In face-to-face interviews with 3,219 adults, almost 60 per cent of the over-60s did not realise that the “use by” date on a food label was an important indicator of whether the food was safe.
Older people also thought nothing of eating food past its “use by” date.

Is it time to shelve sell-by dates? | The Sun
The Government thinks so and wants to abandon them as part of a war on waste.
Environment Minister Hilary Benn reckons shoppers are confused by terms such as "sell by", "display until" and "use by", which have specific meanings.
Mr Benn said: "Too many of us are putting things in the bin because we're not sure, we're confused by the label or we're just playing safe."

Too many different labels, too much caution; many years ago someone wrote a story about the perils of crying wolf, and that is what has happened here.


Not wise to ignore those use by dates in Britain.

What a lot of pointless nannying.

Why, even the bottled mineral water we buy has a sell-by date. Just imagine - it took 20,000 years (or whatever) to filter down through all that limestone, and then - what luck! - they bottled it just in time.


It's EU regulations, our goverment just want to make it look like they are oing something so are making a big deal about it.
The reason many people over 60 ignore the labels isn't because they are confused by them, it's because they don't have enough money to throw food out and often by the discounted items that are on the last day of it's sell by date (usualy with a few days left on it's use by date.)

Hey come on lets be fair. We are too stupid to know what to eat, and we couldn't possibly function in a world without sell/use by dates. I mean think of the kids people!

The labels are confusing, so ban them? Oh good, now we may rest assured that everything will be safe and edible for centuries...

Why not ask suppliers to alter "sell by" to "clerks - remove from stock by," which is what it is actually for? Now, "use by" or the even more confusing "best if used by" are meant for we final purchasers/usesr, but not all that informative...

Now I am even more confused than before.

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