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Blood on the streets - hardly

BBC NEWS | UK | 'Huge job cuts' for public sector
As many as 350,000 public sector jobs could be lost over the next five years, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is warning.
Chief economist John Philpott says the recession will bring "a bloodbath in the public finances" which will force employers to slash their workforce.
This could lead to "guerrilla war" in the workplace, characterised by repeated strike action, he said...."One brake on this possibility may well be wider public opinion.
"Here sympathy will have been frayed by private sector job losses and pay freezes which will have touched many families, and further exacerbated by a growing awareness of the huge gulf between generous public sector pensions and private sector pension schemes that have been squeezed and in many cases closed."

He said it. With nearly 6 million directly employed public sector jobs this suggested cut is hardly a bloodbath, a 5% cut is mere prudence in the private sector, it is barely half way to decimation.


Why half-way? Private sector companies of my acquaintance are reluctantly losing 15-20% of people who were once productive. Decent hard-working people whose families are now suffering while the licensed looters live in clover. What percentage of public sector workers would remain if only the productive (police officers, nurses, doctors, teachers) were retained plus a 10% cadre of managers and administrators, and the remainder (civilian "support", medical administrators, educational adviser's) were sacked? How many would survive if no more taxpayers' money was given to fake charities bought and paid for as Labour astroturf? Not to mention all the comic Guardian non-jobs that I can't be bothered to list. There is no way Britain needs a Civil Service bigger than when the British Empire was the greatest in history. I seriously doubt if 1 in 6 of the current jobs are justified.

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