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Ihre Papiere, bitte!

David Cameron adopts German accent to mock ID cards - Telegraph
The Conservative leader pledged to scrap identity cards during a question and answer session with voters in Norwich.

When explaining his concern about the scheme he pretended to be a German speaking English and said: "Where are your papers?"
A woman in the audience raised her hand and asked him: "I wonder about the wisdom of you adopting a German accent?"
Mr Cameron told her: "It was meant to be light-hearted."

No need to apologise to the humourless bitch, it is a valid bit of historical social commentary.


The good thing is with ID cards we will know who this impertinent woman is and she can be picked up for a spell of re-education.

Heh. I remember a cartoon from years back showing a USSR militia trooper asking a driver "Why are your papers in order?"

Too, I have heard that after WWII it was proposed to keep the wartime ID card system, but the idea was dropped when some killjoy pointed out that the only crime ever solved because of those IDs was... forgery of the IDs.

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