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Rundum-Wohlfühl-Erlebnis - Nein.

German soldiers 'drink and complain too much to fight Taleban' - Times Online
They have a beer ration of up to a litre a day, and wurst for dinner. Taleban or no Taleban, Germans take a little bit of home with them when they serve in trouble spots. Even their carefully sorted rubbish gets dumped in wheelie bins before being sent from Afghanistan to Germany for recycling.
In 2007 German forces in Afghanistan consumed about 90,000 bottles of wine in addition to 1.7 million pints of beer; that figure has stayed constant. British and US bases by contrast have an alcohol ban. The diet is heavy on carbohydrates, low on fruit and a higher proportion of soldiers are overweight than in the civilian population of Germany. In short the soldiers are fat, they drink too much and spend a great deal of time moaning.
Now Germany’s most senior officer has berated his troops for going soft. “We cannot guarantee soldiers that they will have an all-round feel-good experience,” said General Wolfgang Schneiderhan. “We have to tell a professional soldier who complains about his third tour of overseas duty that he has to get a grip — this is his profession.”

Almost makes me nostalgic for the good old days, the uniforms are scruffy as well now and the songs they sing are nothing compared to what we used to sing..


Great. What lunatic is trying to get the German army fit, healthy and ready to fight all comers??

Don't they remember what happened last time?
Or the time before that?
Or the last time Alaric or Attila visited Rome, come to that?

One of my uncles saw off rather alot of them...fancy uniforms and all,which is how it should be.

Aye, things have gone downhill since our day in the Panzers.

As an aside, I see your report was taken from the Times. After what the link below reveals about their professional standards, I will not be reading that paper again:


At least they have the balls to be proper Germans in Afghanistan -- and drink beer and eat pork. The Brits I believe have been forced to stay teatotal and I doubt that they'll get bacon either. Not sure which side has been wimpified more, but I think that soldiers who have to give up on beer and bacon are a sorry lot. The Old Frederick no doubt agrees with me, he hated the idea of 'tea' on the battlefield(in fact he banned it), when beer was so much more sensible an invention!

As for whinging about Hans&Fritz complaining -- well you all were so keen on the 'never again' concept and hated the idea of the Germans being martial and loving it, so, what is the problem now if they are complaining at military life and hate it?

Is that not what the rest of the world had wished for after 1945?

Eh, some people, there is no pleasing them!

Prost! ;o)

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