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Blair's bid to be God backed by Cameron

David Cameron ‘would not oppose’ Blair becoming first president of the EU - Times Online
Gordon Brown would support a Blair presidency warmly, The Times has been told, but friends of both men say that it would be in Mr Blair’s interests for the advocacy of his case to come from other leaders.
A senior Tory said: “There have been a number of ‘what if’ discussions and the feeling is that we have nothing to gain in being seen to try to block Blair.”

Having created everlasting prosperity at home, a summer of love in Ulster and solved the Middle East problem it is his due, or is that the other choices of failed politicians are even worse?


I think I'm going to be sick....

Meh. I'd prefer this to Brown becoming president. Plus it would have the bonus of really pissing off Brown!

Surely the "colleagues" cannot be in favour of this?

There is presumably a favoured French candidate, and a favoured German candidate, I assume those two countries will take turns in nominating the president, who will then be appointed by acclamation of the other lackeys.

What does the UK have to do with any of this?

Out now!

Doesn't Blair care about or understand the damage he and his little helper, Brown, have done to this once great country. I am aware we are no longer the force we used to be but ye gods, must we have to put up with him again, even indirectly. As far as Cameron goes, if what is reported is true and he will support Blair, then I for one will go to UKIP.

President? Aaaagh!

Geraldo, not only does Cameron support Blair, he also has no intention of rocking the boat about the EU constitution - or so the traitor Clarke said, and Cameron made not a squeak.

The whole lot of them's as bad as each other.

Democracy? Don't make me laugh.

Here are the views of Tony Blair, ‘The Man Who Would Be King’, about the EU;

1. ‘Above all, the European Economic Community takes away Britain’s freedom to follow the
sort of economics we need’.
Tony Blair, writing his personal manifesto when standing for Parliament in 1982.

2. We’ll negotiate a withdrawal from the EEC which has drained our natural resources and
destroyed jobs’. Pledging his opposition to the EEC when standing for Parliament in
Sedgefield in 1983.

3. On the day we remember the legend that St George slayed the dragon to protect England,
some would argue that there is another dragon to be slayed: in Europe’.
In an interview with ‘The Sun’ newspaper on St George’s Day in 1997.

4. I am a passionate pro-European. I always have been’.
Speaking to the European Parliament in 2005.

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