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UKCIP09 - We are all going to fry - car provided with job

Detailed forecasts of how climate change may affect the UK during this century are to be released by the government later.
The report will predict how temperature and rainfall are likely to change at regional and local scales.
Scientists believe winters will be wetter, particularly in the north, and summers drier, especially in the south.
The projected impacts are "worse than the government had feared," according to a source familiar with the project.
The government hopes the UK Climate Projections 2009 report (UKCP09) will allow citizens, local authorities and businesses to plan better for future decades.

A fascinating website to dig around, but frustrating that on my old machine I couldn't download any of the report they made in 2002 -

UK Climate Impacts Programme - UKCIP02: Documentation

I know they update the document in 2007 but it would still would have been interesting to see how their forecasts from seven years ago had fared...

Maybe I will just apply for a job there instead...

Trainer – UK Climate Impacts Programme, Environmental Change Institute
Grade 6: £25,623 - £30,594 pa.
UKCIP is embarking on its largest stakeholder engagement programme Projections in Practice. This programme will explain both the benefits of UKCP09 and offer practical help in accessing and using the data.
Experience of planning and conducting presentations is vital and although previous training experience is not necessary, it would be advantageous.
This role will involve a great deal of travelling within the UK (for which a vehicle will be provided if required) and be prepared to spend the contract period working away from home.


These are the same people who've predicted long hot summers for the last three years.

You know how good those predictions were, why should we take any notice of what they say for the longer term?

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