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Scotland Owes England £20 Billion

Row erupts over £20bn North Sea oil cash shortfall claims - Scotsman.com News

SCOTLAND would be £20 billion in the red even if it had retained all its oil money, a new government report claims.
A Scotland Office paper, published today, shows North Sea oil revenue would not have plugged the gap between spending and tax raised. The paper claims that if all the North Sea oil revenue had gone to Scotland, the country's finances would have been in surplus in only nine of the past 27 years.

It is an expensive way to buy a few tartan shortbread tins and keep some men in skirts happy. But still the SNP want to ramp up spending, increase the burdens on business, watch dwindling oil revenues and enjoy being on their own. Good luck with that.


Don't forget the land confiscation from the toffs...

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