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The Times Bigs Up Bennite Five Point Planning For Future

Climate impact report says 800,000 homes will be at risk of flooding - Times Online
It will say that the estimated number of homes at risk of flooding is likely to double to about 800,000 within 25 years because of rising sea levels. Average summer temperatures in the South of England will rise by 2C by the 2040s and up to 6.4C by 2080, it will warn, increasing the risk of skin cancers and insect-borne diseases.
Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, will respond to the warning from the UK Climate Impact Programme (UKCIP) by urging people and businesses to redouble efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Contingency measures will be announced to prevent hospitals becoming overwhelmed during prolonged periods of hot weather. Mr Benn is also likely to signal the urgent need to extend water metering and change agriculture practices as he lays out a “five-point” plan.
More than 100 public sector organisations — including the NHS, police and Army — will be ordered to develop and publish action plans by next year on how they intend to respond to the dangers.

Robin Pagnamenta - Energy Editor The Times
...it would be hard to dispute the quality of the science that underpins this report — the product of 12 years of detailed research by the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, part of the Met Office. Its predictions may be grim, but they are better informed than anything else that has been published on the subject.

Hilary must laugh at his poor old dad trying to seize the means of production in the name of the workers and socialism, that was never going to work. He has achieved it by running some computer models and scaring us it might be as warm as Provence for our grandchildren.
And Murdoch is loving it.


We'll get the flooding alright but it's sod all to do with climate change.

There have been large numbers of houses built on flood plains without any form of protection so naturally they will be flooded. There have been yet more houses built in catchment areas and through modern drainage systems this has substantially increased the speed and volume of surface run off that gets into rivers. Rivers aren't dredged and maintained like they used to which pushes up water levels even if there is no increase in the volume of water flowing. Patchy flood defences serve to push high waters along until there are no flood defences, which worsens flooding there while upstream is protected.

These things used to be well managed. The countryside was there to be managed as it is a working environment. Now it is mismanaged and we get regular flooding. Rivers are left to their own devices and banks and riverbeds silt up. The desire for more council tax has seen unsuitable housing be constructed in unsuitable areas expanding existing settlements into flood plains without building them to tolerate flooding (eg on stilts), or just constructing new settlements elsewhere instead.

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