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Darling Follows The Viv Nicholson School of Economics

Burning our money: OMG

Huge rise in public sector borrowing renews fears for Britain’s credit rating
There are fears that debt could rise to nearly 100 per cent of GDP in the coming years as the public finances continue to deteriorate, leading to concerns about the long-term health of national finances.

Drunken sailors on shore leave don't come close, we are fucked.

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Drunken sailors spend their own money. Historically they were given it as the came off the ship and then they came back skint but happy.

What Lord T said.

If they started spending like drunken sailors, that would actually be an improvement.

I think there's a lot of drunken sailors out there who will soon be instructing their solicitors....

As a sailor who came home on leave last night and have been making up for lost drinking time ever since I concur!!

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