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Which Nanny Plates

I had the misfortune yesterday to be stuck with only a copy of Which to read. They were moaning on about how easy it was to get forged number plates and steal their members' beige Skodas. They were campaigning for, I think, the Swedish system were there is one government monopoly that supplies all the plates and everything is tripled stamped. They were also pushing for number plates to be electronically chipped, an idea the DVLA is already considering. It is already bad enough in this country to get replacement plates, you have to bring the blood of your first born and a note from your mother, and they think it will help the consumer to make it worse? Criminals will continue to bypass the system, only the poor bloody consumer, who Which are meant to be helping, will be inconvenienced.

Luckily Mr Internet helps and you can buy plates online from Ireland without any hassle, and cheaper than your local registered dealer. Now that is the sort of information consumers need.

Not an advert or recommendation but my car's plates came from these boys in Kilkenny, and I was very happy.


I love their address:KNOCKHOUSE,KILMACOW

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