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Daily Green : Global Warming and Other Bollocks Book

Among their claims:

Polar bears are not going to go extinct. The pair of scientists claim that polar bear populations are not declining, but in fact growing in spite of their loss of habitat.
Humans are not to blame for global warming. Feldman and Marks point to the sun being the CO2 culprit, arguing that the sun's heat has simply intensified.
Global warming might be good for us. The duo say a warmer climate and an increase in CO2 could be good for farming and agriculture.
Organic food is not better for you. The anti-organic pair say plant nutrients comes from the air in the form of CO2, and from water-soluble chemicals in the soil. By the time organic foods reach your plate, it is all the same.
There is no need to cut back on salt. The soon to be under fire scientists posit that salt is good for us, and we need it to control our body temperature - a person with low salt can cause overheating, and in extreme cases, death.
Set to publish on July 8, the Global Warming And Other Bollocks authors maintain that the end of the world is not, in fact, nigh. They claim that "the idea that we are one step from calamity is as old as history itself. Every step on the road of progress has always been countered by those who think that we should keep to a primitive lifestyle that they claim is compatible with nature."

One to read under the patio heater on a summer's evening.


As is well-known, I am not a fool and so do of course naturally (!) consider that humans in part are 'responsible' for global warming. This is in just the same way as so often locally in space and time we have done in species and habitats many times before. We are part of Nature, in other words, and Nature's ceaseless changes.

Now that we have established rationally the only correct position in all this, and the objective corollary the the fashionable pro and con on climate change is a phony binarism suitable only to the denizens of a moral kindergarten and those whose sole real purpose is name-calling, the ONLY objective question is how shall we cope?

The means will be found as always by creative individuals here and there, coming up for example with ways to power Mr Englishman's patio heater with greater efficiency and less waste. And LESS expense to him. This doesn't have to 'mandated' by the same refugees from the moral kindergarten noted above. Simply, when the cheaper heater is acailable, Mr Englishman will buy it.

Trust me.

(You may do, I am not running for office anywhere!)

However, in no case does the answer lie in trying to take Heaven by storm with phantasies still far beyond us, of benevolent (or even only just) 'One World' government.

"As is well-known, I am not a fool". By using this as an opening statement you prove otherwise Mr Wook. Your sentence structure and prose writing underwhelm with their excessive verbosity and occlude the true notation of your intent. BTW, never heard of you before (There is an obvious connotation to this corollary).

As for the book, I may just add it to my collection.

Plain English would be nice, and comprehensible. What is this "not a fool" on about?

How shall we cope? With more ice in the drinks I hope, which will be plentiful since the graph is trending towards cooling now.

I've ordered my copy of 'Global Warming Bollocks' from Amazon. The real problem is not global warming, it's over population. 9 billion hungry warring humans armed with the technology to blow the planet to smithereens will became an issue long before global warming ever does.

You're waaaay out of date. Overpopulation was about a dozen enviroscares ago. 1960s, Paul Ehrlich, Club of Rome, and all that. Apparently, we were all going to die during the late 1980s when natural resources ran out, and it was 50:50 whether Britain would survive until the year 2000. Reading it now, it all looks so eerily familiar.

You need to read Julian Simon, urgently. 'The Ultimate Resource' is now free on the web, and Wired did a good essay about the 'Doomslayer' for the less patient. This has all happened before - we've just forgotten, or it has all been pushed down the memory hole.

Nothing to do with history. It's very simple:
More people = more CO2.
More people = more pollution.
More people = more wars.

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