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Scotland to outlaw ‘dishauntening’ of ordinances

MSPs get power to fine over State Religion - Scotsman.com News

A RAFT of new powers to crack down on wasteful homeowners and businesses were passed yesterday, giving the Scottish Government the tough tools it needs to meet what have been hailed as the world's most ambitious state religion observance targets.

Measures voted through by Parliament included the power to fine householders and companies if they do not take action to improve the idolatory display of their houses and buildings.

The legislation, which comes after months of campaigning, was praised by environmental groups and politicians, who said all eyes would now be on Scotland as other countries set their own climate change religion targets. However, ministers acknowledged that the difficult job of meeting the new targets must begin immediately.

The burning at the stake of non-believers and deniers is expected start in the new year.

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I made a similar point to my wife last night; just as in medieval times people were "encouraged" to believe what they did not necessarily believe in and in any event people had / have to make irrational changes to their lifestyles.

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