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No ID, No Cash

A MAN who won £100,000 on a National Lottery scratch card cannot collect his winnings because he does not have sufficient identification.
William Hamilton was told by lottery company Camelot that he had to have a bank account so they could pay out.
When he tried to open an account, Mr Hamilton was told he needed a driving licence or passport – neither of which he possesses.
Hamilton, 52, has been left wondering when he will get his hands on the cash. "I've never had a driver's licence, I've never been overseas, so I don't have a passport, and I don't have a bank account of my own.
"I've got a letter addressed to me from Servite housing, from Greenwood Personal Credit, from Dundee Sheriff Court, as well as my health card from the NHS, my birth lines and a passport photograph signed by my GP. Apparently, that's not enough for Camelot or to open an account, but I can't do much more than I've already done."

Welcome to the wonderful new world of ID.


Strange how he wasn't asked for all these details when Camelot accepted his money in the first place.

It's beyond belief, all that ID here's offered should have sorted it.

The more all this ID stuff rears its ugly head, the more I'm thinking about trying to cut back...not be on the electoral register (unless there's a Libertarian Party candidate locally), use cash, try and lose nearly all my cards, and also throw out misinformation. Wrong age, slightly wrong address and telephone numbers.

If asked, say I smoke and eat a junk food diet, and drink 2 bottles of vodka a day.

Stuff like that.

The misinformation is probably best as the state already has tons of info.

The state deserves this and more.

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