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The Death of the South West Regional Assembly - No Flowers Please

PRESS RELEASE Release Date: May 13, 2009

The Regional Assembly has for the last ten years been at the centre of decision making in the South West, today, 13 May 2009, the Assembly’s Regional Planning Body, housing and transport functions will transfer to the Strategic Leaders’ Board with immediate effect.

The transfer follows agreement between the Assembly Leaders, the Strategic Leaders, the Social Economic and Environmental Partners and South West Councils and brings to a close the work of the Assembly in line with the motion agreed by the Assembly at its final meeting in March.

10th July they have a final wrap up and that is it - it is gone, replaced by a Council Leader's Talking Shop. I only learnt by accident, just shows what a waste it was when its abolition is as pointless as its existence and no one notices.
Are the other Regional Assemblies also being killed off?


This sort of "regional" crap IS un-democratic opportunism, and it is a curse and nuisance about on all fours with these Summer Little "Theatre" groups that the The Women hereabouts all cook up and shove their old buck husbands into, in the deer flies and swelter on splintery county fair open air stages.....

In Minnesota, the rot set in with the Twin Cities' area "7-County Metropolitan Mosquito Control District," during an encephalitis scare many years ago; then, the criminal organization was abducted by the pro sports crew, who got them to nail the taxpayers for a domed stadium, which no longer is "good enough,' so the SOBs are after another, bigger, one.... As well, the Evil Medical Management (Way!) Overpaid Gang got into the corn with the NEVER-ENDING "cost crises" of metro hospital care.

Down here, on the North Coast of Iowa, the gambit has been more usually variations on the "war" on drugs for, lo, these many years. There is some sort of a "Minnesota [river -- ed] Valley Action Council" which provides cover and doles out "free" money for subsidized housing and so on. Meanwhile, the fat-bellied deputies from the several jursidictions of some "Nine County Drug Enforcement Taskforce" descend in relays on this or that trailercourt, where they sell small batches of pot and LSD to retards. The "offenders" are most often the clientle of the housing programs and so on, their addresses are already known of course.... Later, these same "clients" are encouraged to "buy some for your buddies" and so on, and then they are busted amid newspaper fanfare and hauled into court. The comelier females among an admittedly doughy crew are widely held [in resentful underclass male folklore -- ed] to often go free in return for certain private favors to the cops.

Of late the, the made-for-Tee Vee War On Terror Homeland "Security" money has been trickling in, so these area-wide "governance" scams around here, alas, show little sign of drying up and blowing away to Hell soon. The only good news is that larger numbers of the enforcement agencies today are devoting much more time to extensive online research and study, of the pornography problem.

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