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Another Mandy Whizzo Plan With No Trousers.

Brown takes cash from schools, roads and health to pay for 30,000 homes - Times Online
There was immediate confusion in Whitehall last night as departments appeared not to be aware that they were supposed to be funding the £1.5 billion centrepiece of the Government’s pre-election fightback.
Within hours the sums were being challenged. The Department for Communities refused to accept that it would foot half the bill and seemed to be fighting a proposal to plunder its Decent Homes refurbishment programme. Whitehall sources repeatedly told The Times that no agreement had been reached, amid warnings that the move would leave at least 200,000 council homes in disrepair.
Officials at the Schools Department were also taken by surprise. The Department of Health implied that the money could come from a £350 million underspend in capital projects this year, but had no details....

What a wonderful way to run a country, Mandy has a doodle on a napkin in the evening, Brown's minders write it out in crayon in big letters and it is announced the next day as policy. In a month's time it will all be forgotten as Mandy moves onto something new to grab the headlines for a day.


If they really do have so much money that has not actually been spent (something I happen to doubt), surely the prudent move would be to use it to reduce debt.

Ooops! Sorry! My mistake.

That's the helpful advice HMG gives us when we find ourselves in credit difficulties. Obviously this does not apply to the nation's finances.

Silly me!

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