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Ballsing up the Education System

'Licence to teach' to be required in schools - Telegraph

To keep the licence, teachers have to demonstrate that they have "up-to-date skills and learning to be effective in the classroom".
Mr Balls said: "This is not a problem we are addressing, although it may be that we will discover some teachers who do not make the grade and some who aren't relicensed."
He said the licence will put teachers on a par with high-status professions including doctors and solicitors.

So he is claiming he is introducing a system to cure a problem that doesn't exist - I gather he doesn't like being called a liar so I'm at a loss to explain his statement. And all it means is that teachers will join the thousands of other professionals collecting CPD points from seminars, podcasts and signing in for lunch at a crappy hotel just off junction 16 of the M4.

...parents will have the right to clear information about their child's schooling, closer involvement with their child's progress through a designated personal tutor and more influence over the school.
Mr Balls said he believed legal action would be a last resort.
He said the first port of call for concerns would be the school's governing body followed by appeals to outside agencies.
"If a parent feels that the school's governing body, the local government Ombudsmen and the Secretary of State is not delivering, then in the end there is legal redress."

Is that how Mr Balls addresses the problem of poor delivery of his fruit and veg? No, he takes his money elsewhere and starts shopping down the road. Immediate, effective and simple. Cut the bloody bureaucracyand just give the parents vouchers, problem solved and billions off the budget.


I suggest a requirement for Education Secretaries to be relicensed every five minutes.

Alan Douglas

But they can't give vouchers. they just can't.

(1) It was "not invented here",
(2) There'll merely be a mad rush for the exits - leaving none behind but those who care nothing for their children, as they have conceived them in the spirit of barnyard animals (while watching Big Brother possibly...)

What this is, in fact, is another blow against independent schools.

Most independent school teachers do not have state-approved "teaching" qualifications; they just know their stuff (graduates of proper universities in proper subjects, most of them).

So if you force the independent schools to employ [State-]"Qualified" teachers, including a reuqirement for all their existing staff to jump through the hoops, then you (a) impose another unnecessary cost on them (who will pay for the training?) and (b) give yourself a lever to indoctrinate them all in statist mentalities - some will fall for it.

It's a win-win for NuLab, isn't it!

They may be evil, but they are not stupid.

This just rearranges the deckchairs on the SS Great Britain as we slip under the freezing waters. Teachers already pay for the "advantage" of belonging to the GTC, an organisation which allows Inner Party members and some selected token civvies to feast at the trough at the expense of the teachers. Occasionally a teacher is suspended or struck off but the lunacy barrier to this is now extreme. Teachers have degrees (some even in a real subject) and ostensibly can communicate in English (although working in education, I have my doubts on that score) and would be best served by Balls et al leaving the profession well alone and letting schools actually teach!
And what about supply teachers on a daily contract? How do you test them every five years? Sounds like a QUANGO is born...

Sounds about what it is like in the states these days. A number of the elite private schools will not hire a teacher with an Education degree. They require a minimum of a masters in the subject to be taught. It is noted that the politicians will not send there children to US public schools but enroll them in private schools. Where they mingle with the children of public school union members. For some reason the private schools are protected from having to hire the twits that come out of the Education majors.

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