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Grind them exceeding small

Maybe columnists don’t bang on about these little miseries enough. We always worry about the big things; the fiddled expenses, the bomb plots, Jordan’s boobs, the lies that lead to wars. It’s the little things, however, that pollute our lives so much more. The receptionist at A&E, your electricity bill, the new wheelie bin, the traffic jam, the cancelled flight, the delivery that never arrives.

It’s the powerlessness, always, against these shapeless systems that seem to hate us, and leave us no option but to hate them back. It’s awful. What a way to live. What a place. What bastards.

Its the little things that will cause an explosion one day, not the massive incomprensible debt, the loss of freedoms etc, it will be a little old lady being victimised that will get people on the streets.


It surprises me that nobody has blown up yet. When I read about kids being taken away, courts saying it was wrong but they wont be returned it makes me wonder why these people just shrug, cry into their beer and accept it. I wouldn't and social services would be oneof the first places I visited with my illegally held spork.

I think it is all just a long term plot by the Royal Family to become Imperial. The Household Guard will kill every one in Parliament and Congress and nobody will give a damn when his Imperial Majesty Harry takes over.

In /The Battleship Potemkin/ it was the maggots in the rotten beef and the sneering doctor with his monocle pretending not to see them that pushed the sailors over the edge, and ripped the rag off the bush.... But at the Nore, as I recall reading, the sailors stayed dead loyal and simply wanted the Admiralty to make /and to keep/ a few agreements. This goodnatured legacy of durable loyal Jack Tar has deceived these sociofascists of yours with their dim, stupid, surfacy inadequate "idea" of History, and like our professional pen rabbits here they ARE saving up a Hell of an ass kicking for themselves!

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