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Climate Change Causes Conehead Bushcrickets' Wings To Grow

Climate change isn’t something for the future: it is already happening. The longer it goes on the easier it will be to notice these changes without having a specialist to measure it. In virtually every population that has been studied in detail, evolutionary changes have been observed.
There has been a morphological change, for example, in the long-winged conehead bushcricket. Previously they could only fly for short distances, to escape predators.
But because it has been getting warmer in the South of England, where they were confined, they have expanded their wings and can now fly for several hours at a time to cooler areas in the North.
It would once have taken them a week to cross a field, now they can fly for several hours at a time.

Shrinking sheep and now longer wings on the coneheads, what more evidence do you need to ditch your SUV.

Though I must admit reading the Science article about the Coneheads it seems that the Coneheads mainly have two morphological forms, short wings and long wings. The shortarses breed faster and are more competitive but can't move around so tend to dominate established populations. The wingers thrive at the edge of populations because whilst they can't compete well with the fatties barging them out of the way in the food aisles they can fly over the horizon to new food sources. So you will always see more long winged ones on the advancing edge of a population regardless of the weather.


Hi, I have on various occasions asked global warmists and their like, a simple question, which none seem to answer. What weather pattern would denote no global warming? There must be one but they really cannot say what it is.

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