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Scotland, Green in Tooth and Claw

BIRDS of prey have been brought in to scare away pigeons that have plagued the Scottish Parliament.
The £44,000 contract will see seven birds tackle the problem in a two-pronged attack – but under a "no kill policy".
Hawks will first flush out the pigeons from the various hidden corners of the Holyrood building in Edinburgh.
Falcons flying overhead should then finish the job by frightening them away.

Appropriate for the Scottish Parliament; unnatural, toothless, expensive and bloody useless.


I see an opportunity here. If the bushcricket effect in your previous post is applied to these raptors, the Scotch could get some really big, mean bastards that would flush out and frighten away their MSPs. Then they could hire them out to us here in England to do the same at The Palace of Westminster.

So how are they going to stop the birds killing? They are by their nature: "birds of prey", you can fly them to a lure, but whatever you do they are still likly to take out the odd spare bird!!!!!

I hear shades of the little Englander here . You resent the Scottish Parliament . It introduced the public smoking ban , which is a major step forward for public health . What's the matter , don't you like Scotland having power to decide how the country is run ?

A couple of 15 year-olds with .22 air rifles could do the job. At that age I could nail a wood pigeon through the bonce at 25m no worries.

Oh, and second David supra: get knotted.

What's not to resent about the Scottish Parliament? They get all the perks of power, and none of the responsibilities.

I wonder why it is that whenever devolution is mentioned, the idea of full Scottish independence has more of a following among the English than the Scots themselves?

Socialist bastards should be allowed to sink into the statist morass, all by themselves.

They have no chance, pigeons home.

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