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Hazel Blears "Why haven't you been sacked?"

MPs' expenses: "acted in a way that could damage the reputation of their department" - So Sacked - Telegraph

No not an MP or Minister, don't be silly, just some poor pen pusher who anonymously opined that of Miss Blears: "How dare you wave a cheque about on national TV, saying that you are sorry.
"You are only sorry that you have been caught. You are a disgrace (including all the other honourable members). Why haven't you been sacked?"


In my experience junior Civil Servants all vote Labour. They know their interests lie in increasing state control. Perhaps this one will change her mind next time round...

The Telegraph's story was actually not correct - for more info see: http://www.mysociety.org/2009/07/06/theyworkforyou-nothing-to-do-with-this-sacked-civil-servant-story/

Further info here:


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