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Maldives - Latin for Ill Gotten Gains?

Maldives president Mohammed Nasheed demands large amounts of our cash action on climate change

“We feel that climate change is not an environmental issue, it’s a security issue, it’s a human rights issue,” the country’s first democratically elected leader said at the launch of The Times World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford.
“If you thought that defending Poland was important, defending the Maldives is important. If you can’t save the Maldives today you can’t save yourself tomorrow.” So start sending me the money so I can bribe my voters now!

mala, feminine of malo, bad (from Latin malus): dives, rich, opulent, wealthy


If the Maldives allowed booze onto their islands, more tourists might be tempted to visit the place before it sinks under the waves -- which it's not going to do anyway. Stupid ponce.

A post summarizes some research into Maldives sea level which finds that it has dropped since about 1970. Then again, this paper says in the abstract, "We find no evidence for the fall in sea level at the Maldives".

FWIW, the former looks at the geology of the beaches and the latter looks at tide guages and applies lots of statistics.

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