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The Green Staatspolizei - The Carbon Cops - Have Arrived

The boys in green are coming as the Environment Agency sets up a squad to police companies generating excessive CO2 emissions.

The agency is creating a unit of about 50 auditors and inspectors, complete with warrant cards and the power to search company premises to enforce the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), which comes into effect next year.

Decked out in green jackets, the enforcers will be able to demand access to company property, view power meters, call up electricity and gas bills and examine carbon-trading records for an estimated 6,000 British businesses. Ed Mitchell, head of business performance and regulation at the Environment Agency, said the squad would help to bring emissions under control. “Climate change and CO2 are the world’s biggest issues right now. The Carbon Reduction Commitment is one of the ways in which Britain is responding.”

The formation of the green police overcomes a psychological hurdle in the battle against climate change. Ministers have long recognised the need to have new categories of taxes and criminal offences for CO2 emissions, but fear a repetition of the fuel tax protests in 2000 when lorry drivers blockaded refineries.

The central unit, based in Warrington, Cheshire, can call on the agency’s national network of hundreds of pollution inspectors, many of whom will soon be trained in CO2 monitoring.

It will also be able to demand energy bills from utilities without the companies under investigation knowing they are being watched....

You just knew it was coming but it is still a shock when it actually arrives.



This is a joke, isn't it?

Naturally there is no guarantee that this will stop with businesses.

How could it, when they all want more power, more subordinates, more offices, more laptops, more pensions...

Only a matter of time before it's extended to domestic premises.

You know, "the current voluntary option has failed", etc etc

Bodwyn Wook's old great-uncle, Engineman Preserved Wook, on the Pennsylvania RR, knows this carbon-business is only a part of the real problem, which is of TOO much "higher education:"


The Grestapo - wonderful... not.

Do they wear uniforms? They should be beaten with clubs whenever they are spotted.

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