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Norfolk Plod - "incorrect and inappropriate"

Police remove village's 'traffic officer' scarecrow - Telegraph

Insp Dave Buckley, of Norfolk Police's Hunstanton and Burnham neighbourhood policing team, said in a statement: "We gave permission for the organisers to create a scarecrow of a police officer - but the owner of the scarecrow used a plastic drinks bottle to symbolise a speed radar gun.
"As a result an officer removed the scarecrow as it portrayed an incorrect and inappropriate message to passing motorists. We appreciate the spirit of the family-oriented festival but our priority is the safety of motorists.
"Speed radars are used to prevent casualties on our roads and to address the irresponsible actions of motorists. They should not be re-created by the roadside in jest."

And exactly which law was broken?


You will laugh at what we order you to laugh at,
and you will point and boo at what we order you to point and boo at.

The only solution may be revolution. Sad really, when you contemplate the existing destruction, to which will be added the results of revolution.

Silly boy: the law is what the powers-that-be think it should be. There's a quote, and everything: "They should not be re-created by the roadside in jest."

Ask the Plod to point out the law which bans making effigies in jest, and they'll waffle on about either a.) creating a public disturbance, or b.) impersonating a police officer.

The REAL test will come if they arrest you for having the temerity to ask the question in the first place. At which point, ropes and trees are indicated.

I would have thought a model of a policeman, complete with radar gun, would have been just the thing "to prevent casualties on our roads and to address the irresponsible actions of motorists", in that people would be very likely to slow down to the speed limit on catching sight of it.

But of course - it lacks the all-important revenue element.

How silly of me.

If they were serious about preventing casualties etc etc, they would encourage people to flash their headlights to warn of speed traps - after all, it would cause drivers to slow down, and isn't that the idea? But no, actually the idea is for them NOT to slow down, so that they can be fined, and those who give warning are themselves harrassed and prosecuted - for reducing police revenues, I suppose.

Shouldn't they be out catching criminals? BASTARDS!

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