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Carbon Cops Forecast

Britons fear the carbon cops are coming - Jun 25, 2008

LONDON (Reuters) - First there were the thought police, then the surveillance society, now Britons fear the carbon cops are coming to ensure compliance with climate change legislation, a survey showed on Wednesday Jun 25, 2008.

And with warnings of global catastrophe ringing in their ears some people fear that failure to cut personal carbon emissions will eventually result in enforced carbon behaviour re-education, the Energy Saving Trust said.

It said 41 percent of Britons think the country will need its own Carbon Police Force by mid-century and one quarter believe repeat offenders will have to go into carbon rehab and take carbon addiction classes.

"The UK's perception is that by 2050 we could have the sort of draconian infringements on our civil liberties that have been highlighted in our research. This need not be the case," said EST chief Philip Sellwood said.

No, they arrived today , a mere year later, so much for your forecast.


So it's not a joke then....

And also the softening-up process beforehand seems to be working. I have flagged the other day the notion that these people [together with their foul cousins in the ALF, Greenpeace, FoE, PETA and related anti-human activities] represent the single greatest danger to Humankind today. Far far worse than "Islamic Fundamentalists", the IRA, North Korea, poor dead Castro, and suchlike.

We will now award weekly the "Libertarian Alliance Empty Human Skull Award", for selected individuals:-


The "cap & trade" legislation "simultaneously" now pending here will have the same effect. These people are hysterical and a load of tattle-tale epimetheans AND they smell the "power over others" opportunity like so many -- - eating hounds after a fox!

Carbon addiction classes?

Oh, come on, you made that bit up, didn't you.

I'd like to see someone (or any animal or plant, for that matter) live without carbon.

Do these people actually have the least idea about the ideas they are discussing? Or is impenetrable ignorance of all matters scientific actually a pre-requisite for getting jobs like theirs?

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