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One over the eight

Alcohol-related deaths up by 40% in ten years
The Conservatives blamed the increase on the relaxation of drinking laws in November 2005.

The Stupid Party trying to think again. A cursory glance at how the statistics are collected and what is and was defined as "alcohol related" would show that it is bollocks. But the demonisation of alcohol is a cross-party consensus to increase control...

The Department of Health said that alcohol “is one of the most challenging public health issues we face. For every pound spent on alcohol intervention, five pounds are saved by the public purse — so this is money well spent.”


I might also question how the hell a change that happened four years ago could possibly be responsible for a ten year trend.

I have a tentative theory that alcohol and drug abuse in a country bears a direct correlation to the amount of socialism it has in government and other institutions.
The Scandinavian socialist countries drink a lot, Russia, and etc.
Drinking at colleges and universities, which seem to be hot beds for socialism, also seems to be getting more and more out of control.
As an experiment to test the validity of this, select a university and hang all of the socialist professors and administrators that can be found. A bit extreme some would say but it is for the children after all.

"For every pound spent on alcohol intervention, five pounds are saved by the public purse"

And how many pounds are lost in tax revenues from the lost alcohol sales?

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