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It maybe your idea of fun but...

'Swine flu' fans to be ejected from T in Park - Scotsman.com News

NHS Teams will be patrolling the sprawling site at Balado, near Kinross, offering hand gel and to help ensure public areas are kept hygienic and to offer advice to anyone worried. : "Festival-goers are encouraged to practise good hygiene by washing their hands or using anti-bacterial hand gels regularly and covering their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing."

An "eye in the sky" blimp, equipped with specialist night-vision CCTV cameras, will be deployed by the Police force. A spokesman said: "Tayside Police will not tolerate illegal drug use. Drug amnesty bins will be placed at the entrance to the campsites, where people can dispose of any illegal substances without being excluded from the event or prosecuted.

Wow, Doesn't that sound fun! A couple of days stuck in a tent in a muddy field in Scotland, being hounded by NHS busybodies and spied on by Plod and not even the chance of a camberwell carrot to take you mind of it all.

The young people of today don't know what they are missing...


Blazing sunshine here today (we're within earshot of the festival site) although there were flash floods a couple of days back. I think they might get away with it in terms of muddy.

The surface-to-air missiles are primed ready for the blimp....

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