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Where's my Moonbat Cash?

Climate denial 'astroturfers' should stop hiding behind pseudonyms |Environment | guardian.co.uk
George Monbiot

To stop oil, coal and electricity companies inserting their views into the media by stealth, we need to make blog commenters accountable

there is a large and well-funded campaign by oil, coal and electricity companies to insert their views into the media.

They have two main modes of operating: paying people to masquerade as independent experts, and paying people to masquerade as members of the public. These fake "concerned citizens" claim to be worried about a conspiracy by governments and scientists to raise taxes and restrict their freedoms in the name of tackling a non-existent issue.

So where's my money? I haven't had a bean, why am I missing out on Exxon's millions? Or is the money that George believes is being splashed about as illusory as the global warming evidence he sees everywhere?


Are you sure Monbiot hasn't just lifted a blog post about climate change propagandists and changed a few words?

Well, I'm not normally one for conspiracy theories, but in the leadup to the smoking ban I wondered how many of the "I'll definitely be going to my local pub once SMOKE FREEDOM is brought in! Three cheers for SMOKE FREEDOM!" comments were from ASHtroturfers. Unlike the genuine tone of the comments from us doomsday septics to articles by Moonbat and his ilk, the smoking ban ones all had this pro-forma sort of style to them.

Just speculating, you know.

Indeed, I've often wondered where all those Exxon dollars were that were supposed to have ended up in my bank account.

Moonbat and those like him live on another planet. I wish they would stay there.

They just can't imagine people not believing them, can they.

If anyone was organising anything from the sceptic angle every thread concerning GW would feature this graph...


Its difficult to argue that global warming is going to kill us all when, according to the most accurate measures, there has not been any global warming even during this 'period of unprecedented warming'.

Wow, JEB must be a millionaire!

Meanwhile I wonder if they even realise hypocrisy at labelling all opinions not their own as 'biased'.

I've been saying for years that we ARE part of the "problem" which is why we will be part of the solution too, and that's more than OK with me if Big Oil want to capitilize and flog the next majior form of energy, by selling gas (and coal, where's the COAL comapnies?) to burn now, so...where IS my cash?

(I used to drink because I can't stand stupidity, thank God for AA, now I got Serenity and so nowadays I can read this Public Liberal All-Holy State BS all day long and not Even RAISE MY GOD-DAMN BLOOD PRESSURE...!)

Monbiot is a paid shill for Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. We should look to his ulterior motivations in penning all these anti-capitalist screeds.

I'd comment, but I'm busy suing Exxon, Shell and BP for non-payment at the moment, and my lawyers have told me not to say anything.

Moonbat writing bollocks. As usual.

Electricity companies? Does he mean the one's receiving vast subsidies to provide windmills? The global warming scare is doing them very nicely, I'd have thought they would be subsidising Moonbat. Gas companies? Well since there's more hydrogen and less carbon in gas than there is in other fossil fuels, the global warming scare is good for trade- I wouldn't be surprised if they were subsidising Moonbat- after all a lot of them are Russian. Oil companies- well to supply more oil they need to do some very expensive exploration- so I guess they're not interested- after all there's no chance of oil going out of use, an annual profit for fifty years or twice the annual profit for twenty five is a wash to them.

The left is 90% mindless paid shills to begin with, and with their limited reasoning power they expect the same from everybody.

Keep waiting on that check. I worked in R&D for Mobil back in the early 90s and all they did was lay me off. The bums made billions of dollars after taxes the year of my lay off, but I still don't buy Global Warming. I think a more likely scenario is that evil Exxon/Mobil would start stealing all of our precious CO2 in order to create more hydrocarbons to sell us, thereby starving the biosphere of this vital nutrient. Then they would make us buy their oil, at outrageous profits, so that we could burn and liberate the carbon and thereby save the planet from starvation due to the lack of CO2 for plant life.

Because the GramscoFabiaNazis hate the Market and liberty, they have a blind spot about the private use of time and money and resources.

If something appears to them to be a planned projrect, or a planned defence against something they are bringing about, then they automatically believe that it's what they call "funded". It's their weak spot: they've forgotten that the exact way that Leftyism ever got off the ground was a few revolutionaries typing away, starving in cold garrets.

They so own the terms of political discourse themselves today, that they can't imagine any other way of organising opinion other than the so-called "opinion-formers" paying for it to be done.

He's a 'ginge' who probably had a bad time at school & wants to get some sort of perverted revenge. How lordly he must feel being able to wipe his dissenters from accross the board. What a sad little boy he is! Hope he dies an ironic death, his frozen bollocks dropping off or an icicle spears him in the eye? By christ, I can think of a thousand painful ways I'd want him to die.

Whereas, of course, all the warmists are paid by the government (one way and another), and they couldn't possibly have a dog in this fight, could they? After all, we know they are completely unbiassed and only interested in the public good, right?

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