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Torchwood - TV Review - The Best 2nd Amendment Advert Ever

Torchwood swaps silliness for gravity - Times Online
It was your classic “aliens are coming to steal our children” scenario. Aliens make contact, demanding 10 per cent of the Earth’s children, or they will wipe out the human race.
And to prevent the world’s destruction, the Government was willing to turn dealer to the 456. In a plot-move that will surely see exam results rise perpendicularly among young Torchwood fans, the Government chose the sacrificial 10 per cent on the basis of schools Sats results — “the ones who are going to spend a lifetime on benefits anyway” — and sent in the Army to round them up.

What you going to do when the State breaks down your door to take your children away?


I thought they already did ....

Compulsory schooling, with huge problems for home-schoolers, now with "Added Child-Abuse!"
Enforced family split-ups in case there is future child abuse in that family.
The pragmatic presumption that any state institution is prefereable to any adoption.

Alan Douglas

There is a multi-volume book written by Orlando Patterson entitled "Freedom". In the first volume he explores the history of the concept of freedom and how it is defined. According to his analysis, one of the rights of a freeman is "sovereignty" over his children.
In the West we are losing that right inch by inch.

"Aliens are coming to steal your children" Er no. Try social workers instead. They seem to be rather good at it.

Torchwood is the worst crap I ever saw on TV masquerading as sci-fi.

And remember that if Parliament passes legislation that makes it an offence not to hand over your first born child or whatever, there would be thousands of police or Council employees prepared to do the dirty work.

And don't forget that there would also be loads of people (probably those without children of their own) banging on about 'it's the Law' and 'I have no sympathy with criminals'.

We need to wake up before it's too late!

Mr and Mrs Insignificant had to complete a 'Data Collection Form' regarding our second son who is starting full time education in September. One of the questions includes a list of EVERYONE who lives at our address. I wonder why they need to know those kinds of details? Surely if they ever needed to know details like that or most of the other stuff asked on the form all they need to do is talk to us as the parents?? Creepy IMHO.

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