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£200 pa The Green Con Cost

Low-carbon strategy will raise household energy bills by £200 a year - Times Online
Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, admitted to The Times that energy bills would rise, “The costs of not acting on climate change far outweigh than the costs of acting.”

Luckily hempen rope is fully recyclable and carbon neutral, so as not to upset him I will even try to find an organic supplier of it as I have a bulk order in mind.


And then there are the higher taxes for airtravel to help save the planet.

“The costs of not acting on climate change far outweigh than the costs of acting.”

Remember Bjorn Lomborg's point - it think it was on your site. First, climate change is likely to cost 3% of GDP by 2100 or two years approx of growth. The EU's and now US's plan will cost approx 1 year of growth by 2100. Therefore we should act, right? Well according to Lomborg in what he calls 'the real inconvenient truth', their plan would only reduce temperatures in 2100 by around 1/60th of 1 degree C or what is an imperceptible change. And basically, relative to other ways of spending the $400bn odd per year this would be extremely bad value for money. Richard Tol said that every £1 spent would do 4p worth of good whereas spending on typical 3rd development would yield £10 plus of good.

Also, why should this generation pay for a benefit that will only materially affect people 3 generations hence? They will be 8 times richer than us. It's like asking the Bangledeshis to give 0.5% per cent of their income to the Australians each year in the knowledge that Australia cannot give them anything back.

Or as per the first sentence, how big a deal is it that people will have to wait till 2102 to enjoy the the standard of living they would have had in 2100 with no greenhouse effect? Mr Krugman tells us that their (Obama's) proposal would only cost a half of one year's growth by 2050 but yet we have to care about those in 2100. I just don't understand it at all, at all.

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