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Blowing in the wind

Number of wind turbines to quadruple under Renewable Energy Strategy
The Government’s plans are likely to include more than 4,000 additional onshore turbines by 2020, many built at beauty spots and on high ground which would make them visible across miles of open countryside.
Another 3,000 turbines would be installed at sea..

Two a day, everyday, for ten years....

Ministers will claim on Wednesday that 250,000 “green” jobs could be created as Britain increases renewable energy from 2 per cent to 15 per cent by 2020. Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said: “We can lead in the green jobs of the future, making wind turbines, making parts for nuclear power stations.”
However, Britain’s only wind turbine factory, in Newport on the Isle of Wight, is due to close this month with the loss of 600 jobs. Any new turbines are likely to be made abroad.

At least that make them cheaper and us richer as "jobs are a cost not a benefit".


I love this site makes you proud to be antdeluvian,but please stop mentioning that bloody horrible word British.Thats the shit the politicos shove down our throats.
I recently asked a public official why English did not appear on a form requesting my origins.It seems we are not an ethnic group.Well sorry i'm ethin English.I speak ethin English,my people created ethin England which is named after the ethin English.And while I'm on the subject why can't St George's Day be celebrated as a national holiday?because the ethin English don't exist!Ask the man in no 10,he's an ethin Scotsman and apparently the doo exist!

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