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'My gun could have saved my husband' - From the BBC



I'm speechless.

Right hand, left eye. Interesting.

Oh no, wait a min. I get it now. Change of government coming.

"When seconds count, the Police are minutes away"

Too true.

Back to the wild west?

I am a licensed conceal-and -carry holder here in the States. I am deeply supportive of the Second Amendment and all that it implies, and I am a frequent visitor to my local gun range so as to keep my self-defense skills up to date.

I do not, however, support this key piece of legislation in Tennessee. I do see what the gun rights enthusiasts are trying to do here, politically; but I have a distinct problem with knowing that I am in a bar situation with a fair number of guys who are armed and DRINKING.

For the same reason that I don't drink and drive my motorcycle, car or lawnmower, I tend to think it a rather bad idea to be in the solid company of others who may or may not imbibe copious amounts of grain alcohol. These same gents may or may not, at some point during their extended stay at said pub, find that their liquor content has suddenly made them braver than normal, or, even hard to get along with. The word "contentious" springs to mind.

It is at this juncture that I firmly believe that one not be in a position to back up their "alcohol induced bravery" with an even bolder threat in the form of a concealed firearm.

And while I may not be the sharpest tool in the tool shed, even I can see where a simple political conversation may, at some point, devolve to the extent that it leads to behaviour that is downright life-threatening.

Like all laws, we will have to wait and see the what the eventual outcome of this legislation is, and whether it will be positive or negative in its scope and breadth. I am of the opinion, however, that this law is, in fact, a "smoking gun" just waiting to go off.

Good General Broak:

There are literally hundreds of thousands (more like a few million) legally registered citizens in this fine nation who carry a firearm on or about their person. As the laws relevant to such have been legislated back to "the people", there has been an outcry from our more liberal leaning types as to what would happen if such odious legislation (conceal and carry) were to be approved.

Many of those on the anti-gun side had been saying for years that any right to carry by any normal and law abiding US citizen would automatically result in "blood in the streets" with most arguments/disagreements being settled with gunfire. In short, a return to the "old West."

None of that has happened anywhere in this country where these laws were clarified or simply re-instated. As a matter of fact, there is no group or entity in this country that has a lower crime rate than among those licensed to carry concealed. It is so low as to be almost "non-existent." Proof once again that liberal talking points are just that - "liberal TALKING points."

And while I fully understand you referencing the "Old West" to make a point, the fortunate part of this overall equation has been that their histrionics overall simply amounted to "much ado about nothing."

As we say here. "Typical."

Under the law, of course, those carrying the guns in Tennessee cannot legally drink.

Doing so would cost them their permit.

Don't forget that, okay?

No Wild West to see here. Move along.

- pupista! (barking mad on the right)

My heart goes out to the lady for her loss. So recent, too.

Good to see that she's very well trained. Her technique is excellent.

May God bless her.

- pupista! (barking mad on the right)

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