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Telegraph Wrong on Crop Circle Story

Farm worker arrested for shooting at crop circle fans - Telegraph

Any idea that the Telegraph is a paper of record or trustworthy is destroyed when one reads a story that you personally know about. Their publishing of a pathetically inaccurate agency copy about my local crop circle incident confirms this. At least the Daily Mirror employs proper journalists who ring up to check out stories first.

UPDATE one hour later - The Telegraph have stealth edited the story and it now is not quite so inaccurate - The Daily Mail is running the same copy but with some improvement, they borrow some quotes from this blog! They both still have the ridiculous £600,000 of damage caused by a crop circle in there - my guess is that the average crop circle causes about £600 of damage.


So did you write them a letter reproaching them for their shoddy journalism? And if not, why not?

It's a general rule that whenever you read in the papers some story that you actually know the facts about, what they print is always wrong in some, perhaps many, ways.

It doesn't inspire much confidence in the MSM, but 'twas ever thus.

The Telegraph is a dumbed-down ruin of its former self, but in this respect it is no worse than any of the others.

£600 or £600,000 it's all the same to me - still worthy of a blast of something in a fashionable 12 bore.

When I were a lad, and member of the local scrumping mafia, the chap who owned a rather bountious orchard not far from Remittance Hall preferred cartridges refilled with rock salt.

that is crazy but some people are

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