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Mandy's Green Jobs Claim Cobblers

Lord Mandelson’s claims of 880,000 ‘green jobs’ in UK a sham
Government claims that Britain already supports nearly one million “green-collar” jobs have been exposed as a sham after the figures were found to include North Sea gas industry workers as well as some petrol station attendants and skylight manufacturers.
The list also includes manufacturers of a bizarre array of products — from skylights to wooden pallets and noise insulation materials, on the basis that they use recycled materials.
Figures supplied by Innovas showed that the total included 207 jobs in the supply and manufacture of animal bedding, 90 providing equestrian surfaces and 164 in the recycling of footwear, “slippers and other carpet wear”.

Is there anything about "green jobs" claimed that is the truth?


Is there now a box on some form submitted by employers which they tick if they consider a job "green"? I would think most would be likely to tick it to keep the government happy.

Otherwise has he had civil servants going through data to categorise each job as green or ungreen? Must have cost a hell of a lot if he did.

Mary McCarthy said of Lillian Hellman, "every word she writes is a lie, including 'and' and 'the'." Mandelson's lies are finer textured and more deeply ingrained. His very existence is a lie. He couldn't put pen to paper without the very first drop of ink being suffused with mendacity. He lies by drawing breath, by simply being.

How can you tell Mandelson is lying? His heart is beating.

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