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Gorey Goo in Arctic Ocean

Arctic sea full of huge blobs of floating 'goo' - Telegraph

Hunters from the Alaskan coastal town of Wainwright first noticed the dark, shiny substance floating for miles in the icy Arctic waters of the Chukchi sea, according to reports in the Anchorage Daily News.
The odorous substance, which has been described variously as "goey", "gunky" and "hairy"

It's Al Gore's beard, I wondered where it had gone...


It must be Charlie's "Gray Goo" of times past.

Jurassic Park scribe Michael Crichton and Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy have been two of gray goo's most eloquent, high-profile skeptics. Prince Charles is the most recent. In May, he proclaimed himself disturbed by the prospect of gray goo.

Mmmmm - yummy.

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Could it be pupled copies of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Piece of Propagandising Bullshit"?

For "pupled" read "pulped"!

that cant be good if there is goo in the ocean. i hope they figure it out

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