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Swine Flu - Pig PR Disaster

Pigs 'have nothing to do with swine flu' according to the WorldAnimal Health Organisation (OIE).

Pigs were not responsible for the start or spead of swine flu, and culling herds would not help protect the public or livestock from the virus, it said.

Moving to allay fears that intensive pig farming was responsible for the global pandemic, the OIE said there was little scientific reason to maintain restrictions placed on pigs and pork products.

You think you have got the message through and then Cheri Blair gets it....


As I remarked to Mr. FM: it's the wrong Blair, but we'll take what we can get.

In China these people would be shot.Here they are unaccountable,overpaid,grasping,self indulgent criminals who will be rewarded with a seat in the House of Lords and an index linked pension.

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