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And the farming forecast is...

Global warming means continental crops could take root in Britain by 2030 - Telegraph

A report by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), suggests there could be unexpected benefits to climate change with exotic fruits and vegetables thriving.
Rice, usually imported from Thailand, China and the Philippines could become a staple crop for British farmers while the south coast could even support olive and apricot trees.
The change could also help tackle the growing obesity problem in Britain. A Mediterranean diet is renowned for its health benefits and longevity.
But native species, such as potatoes could suffers as average temperatures rise by around 2C by 2030.

Potatoes - native species? About sums the scientific accuracy up. I think I will leave flooding the lower forty to turn it into a paddy field until I'm a bit more convinced.


Speaking of scientific accuracy, I like the mention of 'unexpected' benefits - it has been known for centuries that England was suitable for vineyards during the Roman warm period, but that was a politically incorrect memory. Unexpected? It has been known for 1500+ years.

... musta thunk they wuz in Ireland ...

Alan Douglas

Remember that these are the same people who for the last three years have been forecasting "a long hot summer".

And they expect to be taken seriously?

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