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I like a bit of fun, I do, but....

Dinosaur on Dorset beach condemned by health and safety officers - Times Online

The sculpture was towed by tractor 150 yards out into Weymouth Bay at low tide and unhitched in the dead of night. When the tide fell in the morning the creature appeared to be emerging from the waves.

Brendan Webster, a member of the Weymouth and Portland council, said that it had no choice but to remove the dinosaur on health and safety grounds. “It arrived unannounced and without permission,” he said. “We had to remove it as soon as possible because of the potential health and safety hazard to swimmers and beach users. We are not averse to a bit of fun in Weymouth — it just needs to be done safely.”

Weymouth, holiday list, crossed off.


"unannounced and without permission"

There's your answer. It's the permission that is the important thing. People cannot be allowed to think for themselves or do anything on their own initiative. Officialdom is all.

The Elf 'n Safety stuff was just an excuse.

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