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Concrete them over - part 78

Six years of disruption under £1bn upgrade of Great Western Mainline - Times Online

I love going on the chuff-chuff when on holiday, steam trains and tunnels hits all the right spots but railways are a nineteenth century technology. Ever since someone invented the steering wheel they have been obsolete. Coaches can carry more people on the same track width, quicker, using less fuel and with the flexibility to drive round problems. Let's grow up and concrete them over and save us all some dosh.


1 billion to save 20 minutes journey time. Hey Lord Adonis, where da power comin' from man? Windfarm at every station?

File under "won't happen", along with Thameslink.

I like the way he justifies using taxpayers' money to fund this: it will actually save money for taxpayers because the rail system is taxpayer-funded anyway. Why not make the passengers pay for the trains that they use, and let them decide if they want to pay more for the "improvements"?

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