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Green, the new Red

Blunt warning about greens under the bed | Antonia Senior - Times Online
Anthony Blunt talked of “the religious quality” of the enthusiasm for the Left among the students of Cambridge. There is only one ideology in today’s developed world that exercises a similar grip. If Blunt were young today, he would not be red; he would be green.

His band of angry young men would find Gore where once they found Marx. Blunt evokes a febrile atmosphere in which each student felt his own decision had the power to shape the future. Where once they raged about the fleecing of the proletariat and quaked at the march of fascism, Blunt and his circle, transposed to today’s college bar, would rage about the fleecing of the planet and quake at its imminent destruction. If you squint, red and green look disarmingly similar....Both the green and red positions are infused with overpowering religiosity. Dissenters from the consensus are shunned apostates....

We are at the early stage of the green movement. A time akin to pre-Bolshevik socialism, when all believed in the destruction of the capitalist system, but were still relatively moderate about the means of getting there. We are at the stage of naive dreamers and fantasists. Russia was home to the late 19th-century Narodnik movement, in which rich sons of the aristocracy headed into the countryside to tell the peasants it was their moral imperative to become a revolutionary class. They retreated, baffled, to their riches when the patronised peasants didn’t want to revolt. Zac Goldsmith and Prince Charles look like modern Narodniks, talking glib green from the safety of their gilded lives.

Indulge me in some historical determinism. We, the peasants, are failing to rise up and embrace the need to change. We will not choose to give up modern life, with all its polluting seductions. Our intransigent refusal to choose green will be met by a new militancy from those who believe we must be saved from ourselves. Ultra-green states cannot arise without some form of forced switch to autocracy; the dictatorship of the environmentalists.


She makes an interesting analogy.

Alarmingly, we should remember that it was never the peasants who made the Russian revolution, with all the seventy years of suffering, bloodshed, terror, and ghastliness that it led to. It was the fanatical middle class, who hi-jacked the original uprising and turned loose the terror and the civil war.

Who will be global warming's Lenin? Someone we have never yet heard of, I would imagine; Gore, Porritt, and all the rest of the comfortable rich superior alarmists are, in Lenin's own words, "Useful idiots". Or possibly "insects" - to be crushed along with the rest of us.

Vigilance, people!

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