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Windmill News

An aquarium in Devon has taken down two wind turbines after seagulls were killed when they collided with the blades.
The 15m (50ft) high 6kW turbines at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth were installed in 2006 for a £3.6m sustainable energies project.
But the Hoe-based attraction has taken them down after several birds died, it said.
The aquarium also said they had not produced as much electricity as hoped.

But but but Mr Miliband says we need two new ones every day, so have they built four today to make up for these?


Killing seagulls?
Bloody hell, let's have more whirlygigs if it wipes out those vicious shitting vermin.

Use Sea Power! Will this be resuscitated? -
*Hydropower - Mediterranean Dam*

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