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If they have nothing to hide....

Watts Up With That? requests:

For all of our UK readers, now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country (and science). The Met Office refuses to release data and methodology for their HadCRUT global temperature dataset after being asked repeatedly. Without the data and procedures there is no possibility of replication, and without replication the Hadley climate data is not scientifically valid. This isn’t just a skeptic issue, mind you, others have just a keen an interest in proving the data.

My advice to UK readers, start sending an FOI request every week and complain loudly to your UK representatives and write letters to the editor.

Submit a Freedom of Information request to Phil Jones’ employer:

The FOI officers are: Met Office marion.archer [at] metoffice.gov.uk and CRU david.palmer [at] ues.ac.uk

Sample FOI request to david.palmer at uea.ac.uk:

Dear Mr Palmer,
I hereby make a EIR/FOI request in respect to any confidentiality agreements)restricting transmission of CRUTEM data to non-academics involing the following countries: [insert 5 or so countries that are different from ones already requested]
1. the date of any applicable confidentiality agreements;
2. the parties to such confidentiality agreement, including the full name of any organization;
3. a copy of the section of the confidentiality agreement that "prevents further transmission to non-academics".
4. a copy of the entire confidentiality agreement,
I am requesting this information for the purposes of academic research.
Thank you for your attention.
Yours truly,

If you do so, please post up a copy of your letter at Climate Audit so that we can keep track of requested countries.

And just for UK citizens.

A petition asking for CRU source code.

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