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Air Con - Book Review

Iain Dale tonight bigs up pretty boy wannabe journalist Joshua Chambers.

Josh has some advice for us all for our summer reading, don't readHeaven And Earth: Global Warming - The Missing Science because an Australian Astronomer wrote a damning review of it in a newspaper, so it is "discredited" - read the IPCC report instead and for “further suggestions, eg suggestions that are more / less technical.” ask him.

I haven't read the book he damns but I am reading Air Con: The Seriously Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming which is a very readable, wide ranging and worthwhile book. I think you can guess from the title the stance it reaches but it is fastidious in examining and referencing numurous sources and giving them all a fair crack of the whip. Even floppy haired blonds with their eborian degrees in History and Politics would understand and learn from it. Make sure there is a copy packed in the family suitcase for this summer so as you shelter from the rain wondering what happened to the Met Office's BBQ summer you have something to read.

And here's the promo..


We too are having a nice cool Summer here, down on the Southern Tier in Minnesota. Now, I have to run along and combine in it some more...but it "sure as Hell AIN'T" the ten-day hundred-degree heat waves of the 1950s in these parts anymoew, I can rell you this.

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