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Imperial Stout - That's the stuff.

Tokyo* is Britain's strongest beer, but it will cure binge drinking … honest

The Aberdeenshire-based micro-brewery BrewDog yesterday unveiled Tokyo*, an oak-aged imperial stout with a staggering 18.2 per cent alcohol content.

Each 330ml bottle will contain the equivalent of six units of alcohol – twice the recommended daily limit set by health professionals.

But James Watt, 26, who formed the brewery two years ago with fellow former Peterhead Academy pupil Martin Dickie, claimed the heady beer would help to promote responsible drinking.

He said: "The beers we make at BrewDog, including Tokyo*, are providing a cure to binge beer drinking. At BrewDog, we are determined to revolutionise the UK beer scene.

"Mass-market, industrially brewed lagers are so bland and tasteless that you are seduced into drinking a lot of them. Our hardcore beers are loaded with flavour, bite and body, so consequently you drink less of them."

But health professionals and politicians were united in condemning the brewery's latest creation.....

But they are right, completely and utterly correct. It is the same with food such as cheese, a small lump of really nutty handmade cheddar satisfies far better than a quire of Kraft slices.
Bring it on, I would love to try it.


Bring it on, for it WILL cure binge drinking ... it's only £ 9.99 per 330 ml bottle !

Alan Douglas

Strongest? What's that one from round your way, the Eldridge Pope bottled one? Aged for a year before being let out.....

"twice the recommended daily limit set by health professionals"

Let me fix that for you...

Twice the arbitrary limit made up round a dinner table by quacks.

I can't believe that after admitting that was made up that we still band around these "limits".

No beer yeast - in fact no yeast at all - would survive at such strengths.

This stuff must be fortified like sherry.

It isn't really beer at all, is it?

18% isn't that difficult to make. I make Vodka in the shed and the fermentation I start with is around 18-20%. You use turbo yeast. It works a treat and is usually done within a week or so.

However, I take it a step further and use the magic of science to bring it up to 45% which is not only very tasty but helps me from putting money in the hands of the tax man - which, in the long term is also doing its part in cutting binge drinking as it lowers the funds available to 18 yr olds looking for benefits to spend in the pub!

Tis true, actually, that low-alcohol drinks are intended to make you drink a lot.
Anyone remember Watneys Starlight? So low in alcohol it was less than shandy.
Decades later I happened to talk with the man who developed the marketing campaign.
It was designed as a "session drink", or "binge drinking" as it is now called. The youth would drink gallons and do it again the next day.
Now, a pint or two of proper real ale will satisfy completely - taste buds, stomach, the lot.

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