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Night Drill

At two in the morning you are awoken by a disturbance outside your window. You guess it is a fox trying to break into your henhouse, which you are licensed to respond to with a firearm. How long does it take you to get from under the eiderdown to having your gun and ammo in hand? In the dark as the power has been cut. Are you sure, have you done the test run?

I'm embarrassed to having to confess to 90 seconds. With my eyes closed I didn't notice the gunslip on the floor jamming the gun case door. So another hook to hang it up has been installed and a couple of those battery powered LED cupboard lights bought so there will always be light in there.
I picked the Bennelli five shot semi-auto twelve bore and was able to grab the appropriate shells, but I was glad I don't also have a 20 gauge as when seconds count you really don't want to misload. If you do, make sure you can tell what's what and where.
I have a feeling my American reader is going to laugh at such slowness, but we aren't allowed to keep anything under the pillow...


Allowed and doing...two different things.

I was watching a demo for a Benelli on YouTube the other day - the exhibition shooters do get up to some shenanigans.

What is wrong with English farmer's hen house building ability? Or perhaps, do English foxes have opposable thumbs? ;-P

As for your drill to get combat ready -- yep, I reckon you need to practice that as well. That said, 90 seconds is not that terribly long and at least you got ready in the end(most than a lot would manage), that said, keeping quiet is far more important than being fast here in most cases, it often buys you time.

In fact, it's not only farmers who should drill emergencies of all sorts but everyone, even (and perhaps especially) if you live in flats. When you ask around, it's amazing how many people don't even know how to switch off power/water/gas on the quick, or how many have no plan or concept how to escape in a fire.

Also it is good to have several of those wind-up torches that need no batteries. Keep one by the bed and wind it up before you go to sleep.

Also get some for your children. They have a knack of always being able to find stuff. If you lose your torch, they will easily find theirs.

There are web belts that you can buy to fit around the stock that will hold several shells. Preloaded and on the correct gun in the daylight might be just the thing in the dark.

Would not owning a dog be quicker and more efficient. Border collies are right lethal with some intruders.

There is nothing in the law to prevent you keeping your firearm by your bed, lock it away in the morning when you go out but if it is in your possession (and you dont have to be awake) then you are not infringing any security conditions. Thats my argument and I dont have any foxes in my garden, 10 seconds to be precise!

I am somewhat perplexed by this statement: "we aren't allowed to keep anything under the pillow".

Am I to suppose that the rozzers conduct unannounced, under-pillow inspections after nightfall?

Look, I know that Brits have to keep their guns and ammo locked away separately or whatever. But if one is prone to suffer nocturnal Reynardian invasions, would it be that difficult to make the loading and placing of shotgun next the bed a part of the night-time ritual (brushing teeth, asking wife for a quickie, getting turned down, etc)? And then making unloading and "secure storage" part of the morning ritual (asking wife for dawn relief, getting turned down, brushing teeth, etc)?

Anyway, shotguns don't fit under a pillow. Just lean the loaded old blaster (gun, not wife) against the night stand prior to sleepytime, and all will be okay.

It takes me about 3 seconds to get my old 16ga shooting -- once I've woken up, that is -- because it's ALWAYS loaded, and standing next to the bed in an open gun sleeve.

There's also the revolver on the nightstand, of course, but that would be useless against Reynard (2" barrel, no good at any other than spitting distance), and its use is primarily anti-personnel.

Your feeling about us Americans is right.

Get up, pick up loaded firearm, walk towards the disturbance fully dressed ( i.e., stark naked except for a firearm in hand ).

Your laws are crap ... consider disobeying some of them.

You are definitely right about the US. Pressure switch activated Surefire flash light attached to rifle for target identification, red dot glow in the dark Trijicon reflex sight mounted and well sighted, 25 rounds loaded in 30 round Magpul magazine loaded in rifle but unchambered, I don't give a crap about anything attitude. House wired with loud internal alarm to wake me. No problems with things that go bump in the night. Somebody will dial 911 eventually.

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