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Massive - don't make me laugh

Union fury as civil service outsources jobs to India - Times Online
More than 100 jobs at the British Council are to be outsourced to India as part of a massive cost-cutting drive to save the taxpayer money

Massive? Cutting just the costs on 100 jobs in a Kinnochian Quango? You call that massive? How do you describe your button mushroom knob in the personal ads? "My only problem is my mighty donkey cock smashes the furniture every time I turn round". It is a pathetic teeny cosmetic scraping of the mould off the rotten bloated corpse of public spending. Let me lose on it and I will show you "massive cuts".


Well, yes... except that your "cuts" would doubtless include some kind of swordplay, or an executioner's axe. Not quite what they had in mind, I suspect.

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