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Volunteer or we will force you to...

Cut size of chocolate bars to fight obesity, says food watchdog - Times Online
Gill Fine, of the agency, said: “We are not telling people what to eat. We want to make it easier for people to make healthier choices — to choose foods with reduced saturated fat and sugar — or smaller portion sizes.”
The agency is hoping for voluntary action by the industry but if companies fail to respond, ministers might force their hand by threatening to legislate.

This "We want to make it easier for people to choose" has become the new mantra for the officious. I'm sure Coca Cola, Mars and Cadbury would never have thought of producing bite size products if that is what the customer wanted without this help from the Government. Who is more in touch with what people really want?


What ever gave you the idea that government, especially this lot of toss pots, gives a damn about what people want.

Did they go into Tesco's before producing this drivel?

Did they notice that there are in fact bite-size Mars bars on the shelves there?

Did they ...

Oh what's the point. They're just idiots aren't they. They aren't interested in facts, or what people want.

Why don't they just f right off?

Soo, this will mean the obese will have to buy even more Chocolate snack bars to get the same amount of Chocolate. Thus upping their high calorie consumption.

I therefore confidently predict that this proposal will have the same effect on obesity as pouring gasoline onto a fire.

As for 'low fat', what is all the fat in the 'low fat' option replaced by? Starch. And what is that but a complex sugar? No wonder there's an obesity epidemic. Sheesh.

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