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Bin Bugs - The Latest Plan

Recycling your rubbish correctly could earn £150 a year - Times Online

Householders will earn up to £150 a year from recycling their rubbish under a scheme designed to reward those who put waste in the correct bins.
Microchips will be installed on wheelie bins, which will be scanned and weighed automatically as they are emptied into refuse lorries.

If you really have nothing better to do then down here in Wiltshire they have been kidnapping our rubbish and picking through it so we know how much glass Aspiring Singles are throwing away in each district....


Down in East Sussex, the local landfill has just closed ten years later than the residents were told in 1998. It has only closed now on Environment Agency technicalities and is no danger to public health. Years of lies and misinformation and of course the taxes.

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