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No one ended up only injured so success for Health and Safety

Policemen no longer need to be able to swim, inquest told - Telegraph

The change in policy was disclosed at the inquest of a man who was knocked into a ditch by a car and whose body was left in 18 inches of water for three hours before being rescued.
Yesterday's inquest heard how Mr Malton, a mechanic, was walking home on an unlit road to the village of Crowland on May 13 last year when he was hit at about 40 mph by motorist Peter Western.
The father-of-three was thrown into the ditch, where he was knocked unconscious and suffered broken ribs but was not fatally injured.
Mr Western called for an ambulance but told by the operator to remain in his car, the inquest heard.
Two crews of retained firemen and more than 10 police officers arrived at the scene, and started placing a ladder on the bank.
Fire group manager Edward Holliday decided that they should wait for the specialist water rescue team of firefighters to arrive from Lincoln, more than 50 miles away.
"I made the assessment that it would be inadvisable to enter the dyke until a properly trained and prepared crew arrived," he said.
Mr Malton's body was finally recovered by boat at 2.18am. The inquest heard how he would have been after 10 minutes in the water and a post-mortem examination concluded he had died from drowning.

That's health and safety for you, drown in knee high water as the professionals look on.


I like to think that - had I been the one who called 999 and then been told to do nothing while someone drowned - I would have ignored those dickheads and tried to reach the guy anyway. Length of rope tied to car perhaps? Its not rocket science. Clearly not equiment any of these "emergency" service people were equipped with.

Did you see the story the other week, where construction workers in the US rescued a drowning woman by lowering one of their mates down into water on the end of a crane? They would probably be arrested here - I'm only half joking!

I am always loathe to say "what I would have done", not having been there, but I find it highly unlikely that I would have obeyed orders from a person on the telephone (who could not see the situation) to stay in my car. The profound malaise in our society isn't so much the foolish orders being given, but that we all mutely obey them.

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