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Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, lest thou be consumed.

Letter to The Editor-Times Online

..a matter of clear and pressing importance.
...the persistently flagrant disregard of the local health teams’ concerns and requests...
Dr Sam Guglani Consultant Oncologist
Kate Gegg Tobacco Control Lead, NHS Gloucestershire
Sister Anne Elyan
Dr Sean Elyan Consultant Oncologist
Dr Sally Pearson
Dr Shona Arora Director of Public Health, NHS Gloucestershire

It must be serious for such highly paid specialists to take the time to write to the Times.

It's some cigarette butts in a shop window display, but then they are also disgusted because the shop "aligns reflecting “real life” with its declared position as “outfitters to the gentry”." And that must not be allowed, especially when they have demanded it stop.

In other news The Times reveals Conservative plans to squeeze the NHS budget. I have an idea.


I read earlier that one proposed cut is to deny steroid treatment for back pain of "unknown" cause (from 60000 patients to 3000), perhaps substituting - acupuncture?

I am reminded of migraines. For many years, my mother was told she would grow out of it (started roughly with puberty) and/or it was "all in your mind" (ie, psychosomatic rather than real). She did not even get sympathy until her early forties, when she providentially started seeing a G.P. who himself suffered, after moving to a new area.

As far as I know, the cause[s] of migraine remain unknown. But medicines are available that help some - such as one niece, who starts getting recognisable symptoms some two hours in advance and often can stave off a full attack with medicine. Would she be denied this medicine because the cause is unknown?

How many other "unknown cause" problems with "known" palliatives/cures will go untreated?

I can't get anything from the Times link except a 404 as is often the case. Is it just me?

As it goes, I'm in the midst of a migraine. No pain, but have had the full blinding aura and now have a strange and indescribable feeling of weirdness and a low level feeling of fear which will probably last the rest of the evening. Had several trips to the GP but she's useless (believes in an old theory that it's due to unruly veins and disinterested in any other discussion of the matter- was in and out of her office each visit in under two minutes).

Anyway, it's horrible. All in the mind. Huh, well yes, it's a fucking brain seizure.

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