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Gross Stats

Food standards chief calls for flapjack ban
Research has found that, without action, about 90 per cent of today’s children will be overweight or obese by 2050

I could do that research, you take how much a child weighed last year and how much it weighs this year and plot that on a graph. Extend the line out to 2050 and blooming heck they are all really really heavy. Where do I pick my research grant up from?


90 per cent of today’s children

In 2050 today's children will be in their late forties and early fifties. I was always of the belief that it was normal for people approaching middle age to put on the pounds.

Obviously the definition of "obese" depends upon the criteria used. Given the evangelists' past form I wouldn't be surprised if what they term obese, normal people would describe as "slightly tubby". Still, given their usual tendency to exagerate the above statement could actually be true.

Not that this warrants state bans on certain types of food.

This stupid women has spent her life sucking at the taxpayers' teat. It doesn't appear as if she has an earnt degree, Cranfield gave her one (degree I mean). Come the glorious revolution, I think she should be given a diet of only flapjacks.

One of the things that amazes me is the acceptance of the figures on childhood obesity. Often one has little choice but to accept what people present as facts, however, in this case, it is quite easy to do one's own research. When in an area with a large number of children, one can get a pretty good estimate of those one thinks are overweight or obese. It never comes out at 1 in 5. At our youngest daughter's school I estimate no more than 1 in 20. Part of the problem is the unsuitability of BMI for children (it's not much cop for adults either). One of the problems of this endless health food propaganda is that perfectly healthy children start worrying about their weight. A couple of times our bean-pole daughter has told us she is dieting (thankfully it doesn't last as she loves her food too much, which she burns off through various forms of exercise).

Incidently, my mum used to love the fact that I was always keen to take her flapjacks to school. I actually hated them but my friends loved them so I could trade them for something much tastier, until one of my friends blabbed to my mum about how great her flapjacks were and my bartering days were over.

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